Friday, November 5, 2021

Empire of Cyclops Con November -05 through 07- 2021

Thank you for visiting! 

This will be first come first serve basis. Once I get an email I will do my best to tag the image as "Pending" and then once transaction is completed will be changed to "SOLD".

PS -Don't forget to scroll down to the end of the page to see the color work!


SOLD 13th Skull 6" X 11"
Traps in Fates Fell Hand 5.5" X 7.5"

Old School Essentials Guards! 6" X 14.5"

Shoot-out! 6.5" X 9.75"

Zombie 8.5" X 5.5" 

SOLD Giant Skeletons 13" X 10"

DCC RPG Holiday Module Patron Page

Doom on the Warden Endsheets 13" X 20" on two sheets of Bristol Paper

Magicians Skull Two-Page Spread (Harold Lamb) 13" X 20"

Emerald Enchanter Module Art Half Page

SOLD Lankhmar Art 13" X 10"
Trilemma Monster Swamp Monster 3.5" X 4"

Trilemma Cave-In 4.5" X 4"

SOLD Trilemma Evil Wizard 4.5" X 4"

Over-Grown Vegetation 10" X 6"

Otyughs for OAR Barrier Peaks 8" X 10"

Cthulhu Alphabet Cover 13" X 10"

Cthulhu Alphabet Runners 13" X 10"

D'zhali Patron Page on Two 14" X 11" Bristol Board Sheets

D'zhali Spell Page on Two Bristol Board Sheets

DCC RPG Holiday Module 13" X 15"(approximate)

SOLD Hyperborea Mariner 11" X 8.5"

SOLD Inquisitor 14" X 11"

SOLD Mutant Tree 3.25" x 9"
Kishar Ship Bridge 5" X 9"

SOLD False Grayl 4.5" X 10"
Plantient Guardian 6.75" X 6.25"
Dead Gugg 2.75" X 10"
Shoggoth! 6.5" X 10" 

Geas for the Star-Chons Title Page 13" X 10"


Tower of the Star Gazer Prismacolor pencils on Mat Board 13 X 10 

SOLD Ghost Oracle Prismacolor pencils on Mat Board 6 ½ X 10

Ice Ship Prismacolor pencils on Mat Board 6 ½ X 10

Vampire Prismacolor pencils on Mat Board 6 ½ X 9 ¾

Pool Party Prismacolor pencils on Mat Board 6 ½ X 10

Thanks Again and I hope you have a great time at Empire of Cyclops Con!
I'll be at my Booth: 
Friday November 5th from 7pm to 9pm.
Saturday November 6th at 12pm to 1pm.
Sunday November 7th at 12pm to 1pm.

My work can also be found at pmullenillustrations on Instagram.

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